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Paddy Kalish, OD -  - Optometrist

Paddy Kalish, OD

Optometrist located in Brookline, MA

Eye exams are an important part of preventive health care. To maintain optimum eye health and reduce your risk for eye disease, Paddy Kalish, OD, offers routine eye exams at his optometry office in the Coolidge Corner district of Brookline, Massachusetts. Dr. Kalish uses advanced technologies, including aberrometers and optical coherence tomography (OCT), in-office and can determine your latest prescription for both eyeglasses and contacts. To schedule a routine eye exam, call the office of Paddy Kalish, OD, or book an appointment online today.

Eye Exams Q & A

What are eye exams?

Eye exams are routine health tests to evaluate how well you can see and ensure your eyes are healthy. You should schedule an eye exam yearly, even if you’re not experiencing any symptoms or having problems with your vision.

Dr. Kalish has more than 30 years of experience performing comprehensive eye exams in adolescents and adults. He focuses on improving your vision and optimizing your overall eye health.

Why do I need an eye exam?

Preventive eye exams give Dr. Kalish the opportunity to identify eye disease and other issues in their earliest stages when treatment is typically most effective. He also continues to track any changes in your eye health during your annual eye exam.

If you have an existing eye disease, Dr. Kalish can ensure your treatment is working during your eye exam. You should also have eye exams if you have underlying health conditions like diabetes that can affect your eye health.

Your routine eye exam is also the right time to get updates to your prescription eyeglasses and contacts. If you plan on getting contacts, you’ll need to request a contact lens exam, which Dr. Kalish can do at the same time as your routine eye exam.

What happens during an eye exam?

There are several parts to a comprehensive eye exam. Dr. Kalish starts by reviewing your medical history and current health, including the medications you take. He then performs several optometric tests including:

Visual acuity test

A visual acuity test involves reading an eye chart to evaluate how well you can see at different distances. If you need glasses or contacts, Dr. Kalish uses a phoropter device that has different lenses for you to look through to determine your prescription.

Slit-lamp microscope

As part of your eye exam, Dr. Kalish uses a special slit-lamp microscope to check out the front part of your eye for scratches or cataracts.

General eye health check

Dr. Kalish assesses your overall eye health, checking your eye movements and eye pressure to identify issues like glaucoma.

To evaluate the structures in the back of your eye, Dr. Kalish uses advanced OCT equipment to identify issues in your retina. He also uses the latest aberrometer to detect imperfections in your eye that can affect your vision.

Sinus checkup

Because your sinuses have a direct effect on your eyeballs, Dr. Kalish checks them during your eye exam. He also evaluates your neck and blood pressure for abnormalities that can affect your eye health and vision.

If it’s been longer than a year since your last eye exam, call the office of Paddy Kalish, OD, to schedule one or book a consultation online today.