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Eyeglasses Specialist

Paddy Kalish, OD -  - Optometrist

Paddy Kalish, OD

Optometrist located in Brookline, MA

An estimated 164 million adults in the United States wear eyeglasses. If you’re having vision problems and think you might need eyeglasses, Paddy Kalish, OD, can help. At his office in the Coolidge Corner district of Brookline, Massachusetts, Dr. Kalish offers comprehensive eye exams to determine your eyeglasses prescription. He also provides a variety of popular frame styles in-office for prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. To schedule an eyeglasses exam, call the office of Paddy Kalish, OD, or book a consultation online today.

Eyeglasses Q & A

Why do I need eyeglasses?

Glasses help improve your vision by correcting different types of refractive errors, including astigmatism, nearsightedness (myopia), and farsightedness (hyperopia).

You might also need glasses to help you see better if you have presbyopia, a condition where age-related degeneration of your eyes causes changes in your vision.

When should I schedule an eyeglasses exam?

Dr. Kalish can determine if you need eyeglasses during an eye exam. He recommends scheduling an exam if you have issues like:

  • Headaches
  • Blurry vision
  • Double vision
  • Distorted vision
  • Difficulty seeing at night

If you see halos around objects that are in a bright light, such as car headlights or streetlights when you’re driving at night, you should schedule an eyeglasses exam.

How do I get a prescription for my eyeglasses?

During your eye exam, Dr. Kalish evaluates the overall health of your eye and your visual acuity during a number of tests.

He uses a device called a phoropter that contains multiple lenses in different strengths. Looking at an eye chart through these lenses helps Dr. Kalish determine your prescription. Dr. Kalish also uses an aberrometer to accurately identify the lens power you need to see clearly.

Depending on your eyesight and eye health, you might need updates to your prescription every year or two. Dr. Kalish monitors the changes in your vision during your annual eye exam, so you can maintain clear vision.

Can I get new eyeglasses in the office?

You can pick out the eyeglass frames you want in the office, and the staff at Paddy Kalish, OD, will help ensure they fit your face well. The selection of eyeglasses includes the latest styles in designer frames, and the experienced staff can explain how different lenses and frames will impact your vision.

If you have special requirements for your lenses, such as needing bifocals, trifocals, or progressive lenses, Dr. Kalish customizes your prescription. Staff will order your frames and lenses and can ensure a good fit when your eyeglasses are ready.

You can also purchase prescription sunglasses at the office to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun.

To schedule an exam for eyeglasses, call the office of Paddy Kalish, OD, or book an appointment online today.