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A Corneal abrasion is an injury to the epithelium( outermost layer) of the cornea. It is common aming all age groups but RISK increases with occupations like construction , general use of contact lenses and eyelid allergies.

Causes: 1. Trauma- foreign objects, accidental poking of the eye, rubbing of the eyes and even direct injury- scrape or scratch

2. Contact Lens Misuse- damaged contact lens, contact lens overwear

3. Ocular and Systemic conditions that cause a reduction in tear production, such as in Sjogren;s syndrome, Rhuematoid Artheritis, Thyroid disease and the like.

Symptoms: redness, conjunctival injection, tearing, headache, photophobia, gritty feeling, difficulty opening the eye and decreased vision in the affected eye.

COMPLICATIONS: infection, ulceration, recurrence

Diagnosis: Fluorescein dye and slit lamp examination that shows de-epitheliazation of the cornea. Opacity may signify infection, abrasion or ulceration

(Differential Diagnosis: conditions to be ruled out may include Conjunctivitis, acute Anterior Uveitis, acute Angle closure glaucoma, Infectious keratitis, Foreign body and UV related photokeratitis)

Treatment: Topical antibiotics (chosen according to underlying etiology) along with frequent use of single use artificial tears & Cycloplegia.

Resolution:  usually 24-72 hours for most people.

Paddy Kalish OD, JD and B.Arch

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