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The TFOS DEWS II report entalis using 5 steps to care for your dry eyes daily:  

1. Every day, the first step is to hydrate your eyes with an artificial tears such as Soothe XP, Clear Eyes for Dry eyes and Optase
2. The second step is to clean the lids and lashes. Use Ocusoft wipes or equivalent
3. The third step is to heat up the eyelids with a hot compress, Bruder mask or the like or simply a hot, wet wash cloth(put on closed eyelids for 6-9 seconds)
4. The fourth step is to reduce the inflammation in your eyes using a vitamin supplement. Tear Support Capsules and or ALIVE, chewable multivitamin

5. Sleep Hygiene- good sleep is important!

If these 4 measures are not enough, there are prescription Eye drops that are like to help.

Paddy Kalish OD, JD and B.Arch

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