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THE INFLAMMATORY RESPONSE is an immediate, protective pathological process of vascularized tissue to infection, irritation or injury•Heat: increased vascular perfusion delivers core blood to the affected region to facilitate optimal temperatures for enzymatic activity•Redness: local vasodilation facilitates swelling and immune cell infiltration to facilitate destruction or isolation of the pathogen and remove cell debris •Swelling: exudation of plasma and proteins from locally dilated capillaries isolates the wound and pathogen and facilitates immune cell access•Pain: physical swelling and released mediators from immune cells stimulate pain fibers•Loss of Function: local pain reduces mobility of the affected body area which limits movements that could aggravate preparative steps in tissue repair. Tissue repair is a post inflammatory process.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY THERAPY•Successful therapy coincides with the elimination of the 5 cardinal signs/symptoms of inflammation• Inflammation is a response to a variety of insults:•Radiation toxicity•Mechanical trauma•Chemical toxicity•Infection•Pronounced or exaggerated immune response( Steroids are not curative in this regard)

Paddy Kalish OD, JD and B.Arch

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